Processing of asphalt milled material

With the commonly available wheel loaders with a bucket capacity of 3-5 m³, only the SBR 2, and now SBR 4 is used in asphalting plants. The standard sensor makes it possible to combine the travel paths in the mixing plant with the processing of milled material at any time. The screening machine switches on automatically when approaching the wheel loader and off again after the process. As a result, electricity costs of less than 0.25 € / 100 t of screenings are incurred. Since the machine works without hydraulics and conveyor belts, the low operating costs are obvious. But more important is still what costs can be avoided by the use, the breaking costs.

The most common application is the screening of milled material for base course RC. As a rule, 80% of the milled material can be screened out and used as a finished recycling material. This means 80% less material for the crusher and thus 80% lower crushing costs. But also the screening of 0-11 surface layer RC or the simple protective screening to separate clods from the milled material are common. Sieve decks of 10 mm to 60 mm mesh size are common. Feel free to contact us for the calculation of the amortization and the selection of the correct mesh size (s).

Easily classify asphalt milled material - with the SBR 4 now also for the surface course - saves crushing costs and increases flexibility

SBR 2: Milling material processing in the asphalt mixing plant - at any time

The BHS Group operates 9 asphalt mixing plants. The SBR 2 was developed with the goal of keeping costs down and processes flexible. Asphalt processing is still one of the common customer applications today. Individual mixing plants and large corporations use the SBR 2 and SBR 4, just like us, to reduce crushing costs and minimize dependency on crushers. On our reference list  you will find some of them.

On the next page you will find application information for the processing of rubble.

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