Preparation of grit - gravel - rock

The extraction segment is dominated by complex processing technology. Large stationary systems, conveyor systems and construction machines determine the application. In recent decades, however, increasingly mobile solutions with crawler tracks and a variety of treatment techniques are used.

The SBR 4 has found its place in this industry in all applications that are simple. In gravel pits and quarries, the SBR 4 can be used both as a stationary plant and as a mobile plant directly on the wall or at various dumps. Mostly with coarser screening decks (40-80 mm) it allows to gain valuable mineral from the overburden, to extract the fine and cohesive parts from rock crushing material or a gravel conglomerate. In gravel production, smaller mesh sizes are used to produce the desired separation cut.

Essential for all applications is the ingenious poles separator which gives our machines an exceptional robustness and long service life of the screen decks.

Separating the fines out of coarse clay conglomerate - fed with a CAT 966

Overburden processing in shell limestone quarry - SBR 2 and CAT 980 keep precious minerals in circulation

Sand production - SBR 2 protects the turbo washer - daily more than 1,000 tons

SBR 2 at the North Cape - easy to process - also there: robust - flexible - maintenance-free

Classification of wash gravel 0-32 into 0-16 and 16-32

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